Project Luna

A few weeks ago, when I was talking to my English teacher, Mrs. Farmer, and my friends, Michelle and Bella, Mrs. Farmer told us that women in shelters and prisons don’t have access to basic hygiene products. All three of us were immediately appalled and wanted to change this horrific fact. I believe that women and men should always have access to the basic, necessary feminine hygiene products, and no matter what ethnicity or background, they deserve to be treated equally. It is terrible that they have to suffer and without these basic products. I also read about other issues in which the government was debating whether or not to put a tax on basic feminine products, that I believe are needed just as much as toothbrushes and products we use everyday. I was already very aware and interested in this issue, so Mrs. Farmer’s additional news created an ever greater need to act.

So, we created “Project Luna.” We decided on “Luna” because the moon has a 28 day cycle just as women do. We hope to fill and distribute 500 bags to women in need. Mrs. Farmer recommended that we meet with her friends, who are also support this cause. So far, we have gathered information on a variety of companies, including LunaPads, Playtex, Kotex, SheThinx, and Always, and we started to draft emails that we will send to businesses to ask for support and donations. When I was working on finding this information today (Saturday June 11), I found that it was really hard to find the contact information, and that many companies just have a form to fill out on their website. We have a meeting on Tuesday, June 14th, in which we will share our draft emails and solidify details and progress.


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