Barney and Barney 8/10/16



Today, Tuesday August 9th, Bella, Michelle, and I presented to the Barney and Barney office. To prepare, we met, skyped, and edited the power point. Last night, Bella, Michelle and I skyped for about an hour and a half to practice our presentation. We went through it a couple times: changing some weird wording, and splitting the talking and moving pieces of information around. We had met an hour before we went around at the Spectrum for Operation Refugee Child last week to split up our parts, yet we got so much more done today. Bella and I skyped for about 20 minutes while I was at my dad’s office (after running) and we edited the power point: with some wording, order, and design changes, then later we all skyped to go over everything and practice. We were able to add our new logo that Michelle’s sister made, a pink moon with Luna written in cursive over it (we all loved it).  I also typed up a draft of what I was planning on saying, shown below: 20160824_230552

All the practice from MUN and numerous school presentations paid off. For the first 45 minutes, Barney and Barney presented about their company history, then the donation recipients, Assistance league  and Marisco, presented. As they finished, and Tracy started to introduce us, I started to get nervous for the first time, and I was worried what everyone would think about this topic and how they would be able to handle it. As Bella started to introduce us I got more comfortable seeing how attentive the audience was, and then I began to speak. Bella spoke first about how Mrs. Farmer inspired us, then I talked about our mission, then Michelle about businesses we’ve contacted and things to keep in mind, Bella about actions we’ve taken so far, then I talked about how everyone there can help, and Michelle finished it with our social media links. I think it was also interesting to be part of a business and to hear everything their business is doing, all of the charitable causes, and what they do as a company. The Barney and Barney company size significantly increased over the years and it was interesting to hear their story. They donate to eight causes a year, giving $1000 to each one, and they hold a golf tournament and other events to help raise money. Although I don’t think I am going to major in business I think it will be great to be a part of a team and to work together, yet also to volunteer and contribute to the community. One thing that one women mentioned stuck with me, that we know that we have a responsibility to our community and we need to give back and empower others, that I feel perfectly summed up my feelings with this project. Besides making sure every human has basic necessities, I do feel empowerment, contribution, and leadership in a community are so important. I loved the warm feeling they gave us, and how they gave us their full attention, asked questions, then afterward so many of them wanted to help us and kept offering their services.

At this point, it is amazing to see how we are all working together and we have gotten through some difficulties we had in the very beginning with working as a team. I was also amazed at the reactions and the support we received, as Kay from Assistance League offered us bags, and from Marisco offered us connections and to help us find ways to raise money and  possibly become a business. The head of all the Barney and Barneys, Mrs. Lieberman, even handed us $100 cash afterward and was tearing up. I was surprised that everyone was comfortable with our topic, and even laughed at our introduction comic.

After we headed straight to the union bank to deposit the cash, which brings me to another point. Tracy, Stacy, and Chelsea have been helping us so much and giving us so much of their time. Not only do they meet with us, but they do so much work behind the scenes. They have been promoting us on social media, organizing in their office, setting us up to present to their office, making a flyer, and they went around to multiple banks in order to set up a bank account for us (after our gofundme scare).

After the meeting, we sent emails to both Assistance League and Marisco. Bella wrote first drafts then we helped her edit and add to it. To the Marisco email, I thought she should add to ask for any ideas she has for starting a business/nonprofit or for ideas the project, for any connections she mentioned earlier, ideas on how to raise money, as she mentioned we could have the women design bags then sell them for revenue and to set up a meeting. I also thought we should add that we met them at Barney and Barney. 

To the Assistance league email, I rephrased the second paragraph from




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