8/24/16 New Roles


Today we met at Barney and Barney again for a quick meeting. Tracy first told us about softcup, which is disposable and softer and may be a better option for many women. But then Bella started talking about a phone call she made, that I found really weird because Michelle and I didn’t know that she made it or what was happening. I was really confused in the meeting because, I personally share everything that I do and I find it really important to communicate what we are doing and information we find. As she started talking about WTLC and calls she made, I was trying to get the information she said was on the calls, but at the same time she was going back and forth between calls and I was trying to process what she was talking about. I got some of the information, that certain companies only accept certain items, but I was still so lost and when I asked her about the calls after she said she didn’t take notes and they didn’t really say anything on the calls so I still feel like I am missing information. We also talked about researching more news outlets, similar to the San Clemente Times, so we can try and get the word out about our distribution. We decided that our goal for the first distribution would be for the beginning of October, so we need to set a date for a school drive and to try and find more ways to raise money. The Lake Forest Shop and Dine is another option for fundraising we talked about, either putting a box outside for people to donate as Michelle suggested, or I also thought we could put flyers in the packets everyone receives. Bella also mentioned at this point that when she talked to Mariposa they said we could go through them to do fundraisers at grocery stores, as we need to be a nonprofit in order to have a fundraiser through a grocery store. When Bella told us this, we started talking about how we could use the nonprofit status of Mariposa to gain leverage and help get other donations. So, we established that we will have three distribution sites: Laura’s House, Women Helping Women, and WTLC, with a goal of 25 bags per site for the first distribution. We might also base the bag amounts on the shelter’s popularity, since WTLC may need more than Laura’s House sice it is less well-known. Now that we have the distribution sites finalized, we can confirm with divacup this information, and set up a conference using the conference system at Barney and Barney.

Tracy said we could split up certain roles,  and I was happy she brought it up and she could help with this as we have had many problems so far. Right after I thought everything was going perfectly after the last meeting and we were working together so well, Bella asked to have a meeting. To summarize, she expressed again how she wanted to be the sole leader of the project and how she was worried what would happen if we both/all wrote about the same project on our college apps. After mentioned that I am genuinely interested in this project and I want to see it through and possibly turn it into a business then she was a bit more settled with it, but there were many more texts and hours spent trying to find a solution. In the end, I compromised because I wanted everything to work out well and to find a solution, so I said that I would support her in the project and let her take more of a leadership role. I think that by doing this project we are all leaders and it is our project, as we have all worked together all summer and we all wanted to start the project together after talking to Mrs. Farmer.  So when Tracy started talking about splitting up the roles, I really didn’t know what to think at first, as I didn’t think Bella would be okay with it and I didn’t want to confirm anything with Tracy before ensuring Bella wanted to split up the roles. We ended up setting roles, that Michelle would be social media, Bella distribution, and I would be financial, with the thought that we could each have an adviser of the three of them.  We also discussed that Michelle and I switch because she had  a lot of experience in financial and I had already performed a lot of work in social media. Throughout the whole project, Michelle and I have been on the same page pretty much, yet it is so hard for all three of us to fully communicate. Seeing how others lead and control, it makes me think back to what we talked about at the IB conference, how a true leader shows confidence in others work and tries to find solutions. I just want to make myself a better leader by learning from this experience and seeing how others lead. I try to let others voice their opinions, let them know I trust their work, communicate, and share everything I am doing.

After the meeting, I texted Michelle to see if we could switch as we had talked about. I was really interested in the social media and communications aspect, as I had already been posting on Instagram, following other accounts, liking posts, and emailing news outlets, and I want to get the word out. Michelle told me that she was also interested in social media and didn’t want to switch as she has done a lot with financial work through high school and she wanted to try something new. At this, I first tried to find a way that we could both do social media, she would handle the social media and I would handle contacting news outlets, and then we both work on parts of the financial aspects. We both realized though that we need separate projects and that they would have to be assigned so we could work on them with distinct jobs. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I was ready to sacrifice the social media job, when Bella called. She helped me to finalize my decision and made me more confident in choosing the financial aspect, so I texted Michelle and we worked it out. I think it will be a great experience, as I have never really worked with this type of project before. I will be figuring out the best deals and how to allocate our money, managing the bank account, the gofundme, and figuring out what we need to buy and how  much of it for each bag and company. Although there is a lot of work ahead, I am excited for another learning experience and that Michelle and I were able to work this out together. I am just going to try to make the best of it, learn everything I can, and have a great experience.

As we figured out the situation with splitting pur roles, we also started to talk about the school drive. When it was brought up during the meeting, Michelle and I were both worried because we had been planning and working on a drive for Operation Refugee Child during the first week of school. We think that it will be too much to ask people to bring items two weeks in a row, and it is a lot to ask Mr. Nguyen. So later, when we began to talk about sending emails to Mr. Nguyen I was still worried, and as I thought about it more I came up with another way we could do the drive. I am the CSF president so I have wanted to organize a drive or project for CSF and suddenly it clicked. We could do the Operation Luna drive through CSF. I was so excited, it would help solve so many of the original problems I mentioned: we wouldn’t overload Mr. Nguyen, we could get more support as people don’t listen to the announcements, it would be different than the drive that just happened so it wouldn’t be too much overload, and it could be the project I have been looking for. I immediately texted Bella and Michelle, as I didn’t find any downsides. Bella was worried that we aren’t allowed to go through any other organization for a CAS project, so we figured we should ask Mrs. Farmer before deciding. Once we hear back I hope that Bella is still on board with the idea then I can pass it by the CSF coordinator, Mrs. Heydenrych. 


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