CSF Meeting

Tuesday, I ran the CSF officer meeting. After I presented the goals and achievements of our project, we decided we would do a fundraiser for operation luna. First, we created a survey to give to friends to ask how many average tampons that are used per cycle and we created a survey to get a better average for how may to put in the bags. Once we got home, Michelle responded to a company she found on Instagram, yet it was too expensive, hard to ship across the country, and ultimately didn’t work out so I found some better deals. I looked up different diva cups to possibly use that would be a better deal, and created a spreadsheet with possibilities for buying tampons: I found the best deal on amazon in a pack of 500 for vending machines, for .12 a piece, while Costco was .14 a piece. After texting Michelle and Bella we also decided on September 28th for dinner night. Using the bank card that Tracy gave us, I tried to access online banking so it would be easier to keep track of our payments and to make payments easier, yet I needed the date of birth so I couldn’t get in.

Today, September 15th, I received the email with Tracy’s birth date then spent about an hour creating the account. The second I got in I saw that I had access to all of her accounts! I immediately logged out because I didn’t feel right having that access or possibly making a mistake. I texted Michelle and Bella about it and we emailed her to ask what we should do. Overall, we are working better together.


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