Packing Day


Today, November 4th, Bella, Michelle and  I packed 50 bags for our first distribution. After soccer practice, I picked Michelle up from her house and we went over to Bella’s, where she had all of the supplies. I had mailed everything to Barney and Barney to Tracy, as we had originally planned to do the packing there, but we figured it would be easier and more convenient to pack at one of our houses, so Bella picked up the supplies. Michelle and I had been trying to finalize the date for awhile, as all 3 of us had originally planned on doing the distribution in October. Yet, the last weekend, Bella wasn’t able to do it on the days Michelle and I could, and the thrift shop was closed on the Monday, we had off for Halloween. It has been hard to plan and order everything because it is so hard to get the information from Bella and it is very last minute, whereas I need to plan at least 2 weeks in advance for some of the products to arrive.


Walking in, I was surprised to see how much we had received. As I order the supplies, they are just numbers, so I was finally able to see how much we actually had. From 330 til close to 6, we packed. Bella separated tampons into stacks of 5, I separated pads, and Michelle put everything into bags. Once I was completely surrounded by piles of pads and had no room for more, I started helping Michelle pack bags.


Once we finished packing bags, we decided to write handwritten notes to put in each of the bags, that said

To: You, From: Operation Luna

“We hope this makes your day”

Love, Kylie, Michelle, Bella

Then we reopened the bags and stuffed them with all of the notes, and packed them into boxes and carried them out to my car for tomorrow’s distribution. The boxes were taking up too much space, so we ended up taking all of the bags out and just putting the bags directly in my car.

I am so glad we were able to get everything figured out and solve the many problems we’ve had and we were finally able to pack!


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