First Distribution

Today, Bella, Michelle, and I drove to Assistance League in Santa Ana, I had all the bags in my car from the previous day, so I was all ready to drive today. We got there at 10 as Maggie, the head, was pulling up and then we set up a table by the front, and she gave us advice, to make sure no one walks out without it, as everyone shopping at the store could use it. One woman didn’t accept the bag as she wanted it to be given to others who need it, while another asked for two. Overall, it was a slow business day, so we ended up leaving about 40 bags with Assistance League, and they said they would hand them out. Towards the end, they asked if we could help out in the back for a few minutes, and I volunteered and ended up hanging up and sorting hangers for close to an hour. Maggie was really sweet and asked us about our activities to write a newsletter about us, I only had time to say soccer, since I was the last one and she was moving on and Bella talked for awhile. Julia showed up a little after we arrived to help, apparently she is interested and had been in contact with Bella. We left around 1 and I was just so thankful we were able to hold our first distribution and we have support and success. After we finished, we headed over to Dia De Los Muertos, as my spanish class made an altar dedicated to the victims of hurricane Mathew. When I told Senora about our project, she was really interested, then when we all came back to talk to her later, she told us she met a woman who was going to bring supplies to a shelter at the border that had thousands of women from Haiti, and we decided we wanted to donate some of our supplies there for a future distribution.







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