Next orders

Today, Sunday November 6th, I spent another 2 hours ordering and planning. I updated the inventory page and balance sheet I made, I planned out how much we had left and how many more supplies we would need. I also saw that we got a  500 donation!!! It hasn’t gone into bank account yet, so I have to plan around it. We decided we would plan for 150, as 100 would go to the shelter senora Martinez told us about, and 50 would be ready for our next distribution. I also ordered 6 boxes of amazon tampons (3,000), 3 orders of 12 packs of Walmart pads, then realized when I went to order the last 3 packs in a separate order (as there is a limit each time) I would have to pay for shipping so I ordered 11 packs and we would have extra for our next distribution. I also ordered toothbrushes from amazon, as they gave us some last time but we ran out, and I ordered more toothpaste, and we have enough of the other supplies. I found 6 toothbrushes so ordered the pack of 144 so that we have 150 total. I also double checked to see if other places had it cheaper but they didn’t. 20161106_134138.jpg



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