More Planning

I had talked to senora and she said the lady she had told us about went to the shelter Saturday and found it successful and delivered products, so I told her that we are packing this Friday and planning more orders. When I talked to Bella last, we all agreed on 100 bags then planning for 50 more in the future, but Bella and Michelle found bags online that we could put our logo on and ordered 300, so I thought we would use it for future, but when I asked today, she wants to do 300 for the shelter.  I frantically set about ordering more today, yet I had a few complications. They were out of shampoo and body wash, and Walmart doesn’t ship that pads anymore, so I had to order two order from foothill and then they ran out, so sent another to the Walmart by their office on Alicia, and we planned to pick them up. After theses orders, they were out of pads so  with everything else out, we agreed we would pack the first 150 Friday and then the rest later since she would go back to the shelter in December.  (1 hour)


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