Today, during my free time at school, I worked on making more notecards to stick in the bags. Because the Haitians’ language is French, we decided to write our note ” we hope th
is makes your day” in French. So Bella and Michelle got the French translation from a  teacher at our school, and we each wrote cards for the bags. Then, after school and soccer practice, we met at Michelle’s to pack. Again, I was surprised by the amount of supplies we had and a bit overwhelmed by everything we had to pack.







After the last time we packed, at Bella’s house, we came up with an assembly line process.  Bella counted and packed tampons, I counted and packed bags, and Michelle put it all nicely into a ziploc bag. Once I had enough piles of pads to put in the bags, I began to help Michelle pack. At times last time I don’t think we were as productive as we could’ve been.  Bella didn’t have enough to do, as she resorted to organizing the tampons more, but I think there were other tasks that could’ve been more productive. This time, I recommended for me to put the pads into the bags then pass it to Michelle, and for Bella to help stuff once she gets started with organizing. I also gave Bella some empty small boxes we had for other items that she could sort 20 tampons into then pack it into the bags. This time, instead of just sorting the tampons, she put them into the bags and helped to add more as well. I also found a faster way to pack the bags, as each row had 16, so I just grabbed all pads except one in a row to put in each bag. After a few hours, we finally finished, with the finished product shown below.



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