As Michelle and I have been working, I have found that we haven’t had any updates form Bella about emails. We never sent a thank you or an update to Assistance League, haven’t been in contact with Mariposa or any other sites for distributions, with the woman from the OC Business journal, or responded to our partners at Barney and Barney. So, today I asked Bella if she had done any of these tasks, and she hadn’t. In class, she quickly sent an email to Assistance League and to Barney and Barney, yet I feel bad all the emails are so late. Also, with the slow progress in this area, we haven’t been able to plan our next distribution. Also, I realized that the OC Business Journal requires a paid account to access the articles, so we won’t be able to see if she published an article about us. Behind distant for so long, and falling behind in these roles could cause us to lose some of our relationships we have made, and lose the respect of some we have worked with. This is one difficulty in collaboration, as we have to rely on eachother, and when one falls behind it can hurt the entire group.


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