In the past couple of weeks, we have come across a few difficulties. As I mentioned earlier, we decided to send 120 bags to the shelter in Tijuana to help victims of Hurricane Matthew. As I talked to my Spanish teacher, Senora Martinez, who connected us with the shelter and is going to deliver our products, told us they are in desperate need for socks and underwear as well. So, we decided to switch from 150 to 120 bags for the shelter to provide quality over quantity. After researching and finding the best deal, for 240 socks and underwear form, I placed the order. We were supposed to get the order December 5th, yet it didn’t come. Then, they told us we would get the order Monday, December 12th, and it didn’t come. I have been with Michelle as she called almost daily, and they kept putting it off, saying it still processing or finding new excuses. Then, we our current english teacher Ms. Sheridan found bad reviews online with many reports that our similar to our experience, and we were terrified we had lost $300. In one of the calls, they said they would refund our shipping price, yet in the next, another person said they couldn’t and they would never promise that. Today, we finally got the socks delivered to Michelle’s house, yet the underwear have not shipped.

Today, I spent 35 minutes writing my “About Me” section for our new website on that Michelle created:




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