Camp out and updates

In the past week, Michelle has scheduled a new fundraiser at Harmony Tea Bar, as we are very low on funds and need more money to buy the pads and tampons for our next distribution. In addition, we have been dealing with all of the trouble from alltimetrading. This has definitely taught me to look more into the company reviews before purchasing, even though their website seemed trustworthy and they had a great deal. We received the package of socks, and Michelle added them to the bags, yet we got a call on Friday at school that the package of underwear got lost in the mail. At this point we were trying to decide if we should try to find another company with underwear for a cheap price, if we should just order less underwear, or if we should just not get underwear, because we had to get the packages to our Spanish teacher as soon as possible so she can get it to the shelter in Tijuana. Listening to Michelle call various companies everyday has helped me to feel more comfortable calling and to step out of my comfort zone. I don’t like fighting or arguments, so I try to handle and disagreements as professionally as possible.


240 underwear

Then, because Michelle is going to be in Oregon for 2 weeks, I went with my dad after my alumni game on Saturday, December 17th to pick everything up from Michelle’s. We carried all of the boxes out to the car, and we ended up filling both his and my car fully to get everything back home. After carrying all the boxes out to our cars, then into my house, we spent a little over an hour. Then, once we got home, my dad didn’t want everything in our house, as it was already full with holiday items, we packed everything into our Yukon. And that night, Michelle texted that the underwear finally came!

snapchat-1461381765So, Bella picked up the underwear from her house, then came over to my house today, the 20th, and we camped out in front of my house and took all the boxes out of the Yukon and set up another assembly line. She stuffed 2 pairs of underwear into the large ziploc bags with the socks, pads, and tampons, and since Michelle had separated the liquids from the bigger ziploc bags into smaller bags, so that nothing would spill, I then placed both ziploc bags into one of our pink Operation Luna bags and packed it into boxes. It took a few times to figure out which format would fit the most bags into the boxes, yet after a few times,  found the most efficient way. In the end, I had to grab an extra reusable bag as all the bags could not fit back into the boxes. After 2 hours of working, we finished and packed everything bag into the Yukon. It was so nice to sit out front with all of the Christmas lights packing and to enjoy ourselves. With all of the recent troubles, I have seen how this project has lead to so much more planning and collaboration than expected. I am so glad now that I was in charge of finances, as I see the work my partners are doing, and I think everyone is in the perfect spot. Michelle has been great with communicating and organizing events and posting to social media. For me, it feels a bit uncomfortable to ask for money, even though it is for others, so I am glad she can phrase it perfectly and I can help her whenever she needs it. Also, Bella has a strong voice and has done well with finding partners. We have had to react to so many complications, and plan picking up supplies and planning distributions, and coordinating with so many people. Individually, we would not be able to do this project alone, yet together, we have been able to get so much more done and accomplish so much!


In the Yukon



We are also communicating with senora Martinez, and we are planning on dropping the bags off at her house on Thursday so she can take them to the shelter. Everything is finally falling in place!


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