Today Bella and I went to drop off the finished bags at Senora’s house. Yesterday, Bella stopped by Michelle’s house to pick up extra bags, as we were about 20 totes short from the ones we had already gotten from Michelle’s. I left a little before 1230 in the Yukon, then had to stop for gas on my way, and went to pick up Bella. On the way to Senora’s, Bella put the last few Ziploc bags in the totes. When we got to her house, we unloaded everything, then talked to Senora about the Tijuana shelter. She and Karly, the connection we met at the “Dia de Los Muertos” plan on going next Wednesday, yet Senora mentioned that Karly has not been consistent with meetings, so they may have to reschedule. We would have loved to go, yet Senora talked to the principal and they concluded it would be best if students did not go.



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