WTLC Distribution

Snapchat-1798563059.jpgAfter months of waiting, we were finally able to get our project back up and running. Bella contacted WTLC and scheduled a distribution for yesterday, March 4th, so we made a plan to pack everything that we had sitting around. So, on Friday, we all met at Michelle’s house to pack the bags and take the tampons out, as this shelter does not accept tampons, to repackage the bags, and put everything into the pink Operation Luna bags. After an hour or two, I had to take my younger brother home from practice and Michelle had to go to her lacrosse practice, so we left, and Bella finished putting the last few bags together. The next day, everyone met at my house, and we transferred the products to my car, then I drove to Santa Ana. Because the location was secret, as many of the women have been abused, I was worried about the safety and finding the exact place, so we got there extra early to be safe, and we ended up needing the time to find it. I finally noticed a building that looked like it had multiple rooms and was behind gates, so we took our chances. The entire distribution only took a few minutes, as they seemed like they did not want us to go inside, so we just handed off all of the bags. Although it would have been rewarding to see the women receive the supplies and be able to talk to them, I am just glad we were able to help them. It is important to do service not for personal gain, but just knowing that you are making a difference in another’s life.

operation luna



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