Final Thoughts

Overall, I am so excited and happy to see how far this project has come. We started with nothing and ended up distributing almost 400 bags with more money and supplies left over as well. In the beginning we had no idea if this would work out, but we had to try. It is kind of crazy to think about how far we have come in such a short amount if time. I have learned so much not only about myself, but about working with others, helping others and making a difference, and about never giving up. It is so important to always push yourself to do better and to try and help someone else everyday. Although we did not always see the direct results of the project, I am still so glad we got to make a difference and I see how important it is for anyone who has the resources and motivation to step up and help others who can’t. My new goal is to make a difference in someone else’s life everyday. We did not reach our goal of distributing 500 bags, but I think that if we had been able to continue working together and if everyone had played their art and contributed, we could have used all of the donations and the supplies we bought and we could’ve met our goal. I am hoping that a junior will take over the project and can continue to work on it to help others and to provide for these women who can’t provide for themselves. Bella said that she talked to Julia in the past, but we are waiting for her to talk to her again, and then we can give them everything we have and we can give them tips for how to work together and divide the work, and all of the tips we have regarding each aspect.


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