Today, I was talking to Senora about Operation Luna. We gave her all of the bags for the shelter in Tijuana back in December, yet she hasn’t had a chance to deliver them, and we have been worried about the possibility of having the bags confiscated at the border. So, today we talked about other organizations that already bring donations to Tijuana to bring our materials with them as well. Senora told me that she has a date set for Spring Break to either bring the bags on her own, or if she hears back from the organizations, she will give the donations to them instead. Either way, I will just be happy for the victims of the hurricane to receive the donations and have to worry slightly less about their feminine hygiene problems. Honestly, looking back, I cannot believe how far this project has come. I had no idea we would have so much success, and that we would be able to extend the project to a global issue. I have learned to take pride in my actions, yet at the same time be modest and be okay with making a difference without seeing the change, so the benefit is purely for others and no self-reward. I have tried to be more selfless and to continue to uphold my values or caring for and helping others.